Wednesday, May 1, 2013

April Days of Action Against Drones concludes with a vengeance at Davis Monthan Air Force Base

On Tuesday, April 30, Tucson drone protesters vigiled near the main gate of Davis Monthan Air Force Base during the early morning rush hour. Not far from the gate sits the brand new building that houses the Air National Guard drone operation center. Some of their signs read, "Drone Wars Enrage the World" and "Drone Wars Waged Here".
Are Davis-Monthan's drones killing civilians?
 Demonstrators made sure that this question was
 front and center in the minds of rush-hour commuters.
The message of the protesters was deemed sufficiently threatening that counter demonstrators came out, holding signs in support of drone warfare during the protest and, ironically, swelling the ranks of demonstrators.

Counter-protesters came bedecked with American
 flags- but is a flag sufficient justification for the killing
 of innocent children?
Members of The Nuclear Resister and Tucson chapters of Veterans for Peace and Women's International League for Peace and Freedom took part in the protest. Although it joined protests across the country during the culmination of the April Days of Action Against Drones, it was also one of many monthly vigils that, despite arrests for civil disobedience, have persisted for years so that Tucson never becomes complacent about the continuing and escalating atrocities of drone warfare.

The movement to end drone warfare continues! Get involved in your part of the country!

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